How it Works

Activity Based Learning

Our teaching is activity-based and builds on a thorough, systematic progression of skills that builds confidence through a series of manageable challenges. The program is based on the Reading Revolution™ method, a phonics-based program that: engages every intelligence and learning style through MULTI-SENSORY ACTIVITIES including physical activities (like treasure hunts and races) interactive games (we have hundreds!) songs (a wonderful, fun tool) manipulatives (things you can hold in your hand and rearrange) activity book pages many other language opportunities The resulting program is fun and effective — even for the most challenged learners!


Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, and caring. We love to teach reading!
Our joy is to open the doors for each struggling reader so they may succeed in learning by building on their own unique strengths.

The Reading Revolution™ Methodology

You can read more about the methodology here.


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